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‚ÄčSetting up for a performance at Piper's Opera House
Warming-up before the show

The Gilded Age

Turn-of-the-century selections with crowd favorites: The Band Played On, The Mikado, and Blumenlied will evoke memories of The Gay Nineties.

Roaring 20's

Ragtime and plenty of melodrama from the composers and musicians who traveled the vaudeville circuit.

Before the Internet, before television, there was radio! And before radio was vaudeville.  The small orchestras of radio shows and vaudeville stage had varied repertoire from short snappy commercials to full-length works by major classical composers.  Portable Masterpieces bring this music, and more, to life.  Light classical, ragtime, and contemporary repertoire!
Piper's Opera House.
Virginia City, NV
Standing room only at Thompson's Opera House.
Pioche, NV

New Flourishes

Engaging and accessible newly commissioned music for theater orchestra by  award winning composers.

A Night in Vienna

The Waltz King, Johann Strauss is joined by Waldteufel, Albeniz, Schubert, Ivanovici and Tschaikowsky for a night of dance.

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